Lucky GuyChapter 73 - Special Episode 2HOT

The most important exam of his life… and Jungsuk blew it. Dumped by his girlfriend and rejected by his college of choice, the future looks bleak. But instead of moping, Jungsuk checks himself into a boarding cram school for a year. Sealed off from th

Learning the Hard WayChapter 93HOT

Bullied ruthlessly by girls in high school, Jinhoo’s done his best to put his past as a complete loser behind him. However, one day, he finds out that his newest tutee is his ex-bully, Yejin! Despite flunking the college entrance exam twice, Yejin’s

LeviathanChapter 214

The world is submerged, and sea monsters rule the earth. Will Bota and his family ever make it to safety, and escape this aquatic hell? …And who in the world is Kana?!

Log in to Lust-a-landChapter 81.5HOT

Nothing out of the ordinary has ever happened to Namjoo, that is, until the day he picks up a mislaid USB on the street. Curiosity gets the better of him and when he takes a look inside, he finds a steamy VR game that’s still in the works. To Namjoo,

LowlifeChapter 81

I was never able to fit into any type of group… but life just got so much better after choosing to become a low life.

Lightning RodChapter 134

After a lightning strike, an ordinary loser begin’s his extraordinary life.

Love Limit ExceededChapter 30

Daham became a building owner due to his father’s death. One day, a mysterious woman comes to claim a co-inheritance and begins a troublesome cohabitation between the two. The romance of the real timid boss building owner and mysterious woman is abou

Legend The BeginningChapter 199

Cheon Mudeok knows two things: fighting and loyalty to his friends. Will he be able to graduate safely? Or is this the birth of a legend?

Lust AwakeningChapter 103 - The End

As the only man in the house, Young-hue is a Caregiver. The two daughters of this house who were trapped with no men suddenly meet Young-hue and slowly unleashes their sexual drive… The secret love story in this secret place shall begin.

Lilith’s CordChapter 93

Most people commonly believe that humans are the descendants of Adam and Eve. But…there lives a small number of people that are not. These are the descendants of Lilith…the first Eve. With unmatched powers and tastes like no other, they prosper by su

Love Me MoreChapter 20 - The End

I’m an in house lawyer, and it’s my role to take care of the chairman’s four daughters. But, wait. Why are they fighting over me?!

Love ParameterChapter 126

Young Hoon, a nerdy guy who always fails in love. He has problems understanding woman’s feelings, hence always getting dumped by his girlfriends. But one day a mysterious guy appears and gives him special glasses, these glasses will change his life f

Love NavigationChapter 43

With most animals having an ‘estrus period,’ what if there was a device that guided you to it using GPS?!

Lilith 2Chapter 71

This is the continuation of with a new artist Jaehee comes across as a shy, hard-working high school teacher. But behind closed doors, she gets her kicks by kneeling at the end of a whip, with her childhood friend Huilin holding the handle. However,

Limit BreakerChapter 80

Due to an unknown error, Kim Kibong was trapped in the Awakening Test for 3000 years. In the real world, 10 years have passed, and it is overrun by monsters and dungeons. The battle now begins for Kim Kibong, who returned with the max level, to resto

Live With : Do You Want To Do It?Chapter 45

Baek-soo Jin-ho starts to envy his life while watching the broadcast of the handsome BJ (Broadcast Jockey or Streamer) who thought he was a lover of his crush Rose . One day he wished and shouted “Even once I want to live like a him!” Did that really

LilithChapter 24

As far as anyone can tell, Jaehee is a shy, hard-working high school teacher. Once she’s behind closed doors and drawn curtains, Jaehee enjoys spending her time kneeling at the end of a whip. And no one enjoys holding the handle more than her childho

Lady GardenChapter 80 - The End

A UFC hopeful, Kang Doo, gets banned from competition and finds a job as a security guard in the luxurious mansion by the name of Lady Garden; a mansion only allowed to the hottest women. As beautiful as these ladies are, various dangers lurk, and it

Love RecipeChapter 48 - The End

How about talking to someone Eating alone today? You never know What’s going to happen!

Landlord’s Little DaughterChapter 226

Will Junie be able to touch Darla the way Darla touches him?

Lady Long LegsChapter 48 - The End

Pathetic loser Ji Hyunwoo gets a chance to turn his life around after signing a slave contract with a rich and powerful woman!

Love Sex RelationshipChapter 31 - The End

After five years, things between Jiwon and her boyfriend are stable. Well, maybe stable is the wrong word. He’s thoughtful, caring, and handsome… but the sex is horrible. Hanna, on the other hand, has a phonebook of one night stands… all of whom get

Looking for a FatherChapter 51.5 - Epilogue

Hyun-Su Jung (29) was scammed by Jung-Mi Kim and is now in debt of $900,000. He is being chased by loan sharks and ended up kidnapping Jung-Mi Kim’s daughter, Ha-Yeon Lee (17). But when Hyun-Su Jung calls to demand ransom, Jung-Mi Kim tells him she d

Love StruckChapter 30 - The End

My new roommate is obsessed with me… but she’s a ghost?!

Love in SpringChapter 57 - The End

Jihoon is the last person to be seen with a girl. He’s spent his entire life turning down girls because his heart simply does not skip a beat for any girl. And then there’s Sol, whose heart beats for every man out there. Serendipitously, the two meet

Living With a Broke Ass Woman RawChapter 79

Middle School Graduate Jeong-Hoo is an orphan His only warmth was an elder woman, Ajumma. He endures life day by day but in a place like this, can he be with his Ajumma forever?

Life with Married Women Just Like a MangaChapter 28

In the Manga no You na Hitozuma no Hibi series: V.1 – Manga no Youna Hitozuma to no Hibi V.2 – Eroina Hitozuma V.3 – Hito no Tsuma wa Boku no Mono

Live With : Do You Want To Do It? RawChapter 40

Baek-soo Jin-ho starts to envy his life while watching the broadcast of the handsome BJ(Broadcast Jockey or Streamer) who thought he was a lover of his crush Rose. One day he wished and shouted, "Even once I want to live like him!" Did that really ha

Loved Famulus RawChapter 60

No synopsis yet – check back soon!

Love ChoiceChapter 37

Goo Taejun has difficulties talking with girls as he graduated from an all-boys middle and high school. He tried talking through girls in a dating sim, but that's the only thing he got good at. However, on a particular day, he's able to see a status

Lover Mode RawChapter 20

Min-Gu, a student on a leave of absence, works at an adult business and gets on a ride with Se-Yeon, a young lady in the store. However, the relationship that seemed to be going well is not so smooth... The story of business workers based on a true s

Lady & MaidChapter 30

An enormous fortune, a beautiful sprawling estate, and five adoring male maids... what more could a gal wish for? Yeon Hwa Lee is living out every girl's fantasy when she suddenly inherits her grandfather's estate, including his five loyal servants.

Locked UpChapter 63

The people at Cheongyeon female prison, no matter who, are evil and greedy. While working as a correctional officer here, the naive male Woojin finds a flower-like girl in this sewer-like place

Love Theme ParkChapter 41.5

"Welcome to Fantasyland!" An amusement park where getting a girlfriend is guaranteed if you work there. Ki-Hyun applies for a part-time job there to make money and find love. On his first day, he meets the friendly Hye-Sol and forms grand plans, but

Love Formula RawChapter 20


Life with MiaChapter 40

The start of a dangerous new life with my ex-girlfriend's sister.

Let Me Touch You! RawChapter 20

College student Jun-Sik has a crush on Jin-Ah, a beautiful senior who lives in the same boarding house. Jun-Sik, who was just looking for a chance to meet each other, ends up having dinner with Jin-Ah after a lot of hard work, but she gets excited fo

Living With Two Busty Women RawChapter 37.5

Junseok, an ordinary office worker, finds himself in an unexpected situation when his family asks him to share his small studio apartment with two stunningly beautiful women, both with huge breasts."Uhm My place is just a small studio-type apartment"

Level Up Until Satisfy RawChapter 56

Your pepper is too small!'Min-chan' is friends with A-yeon', the goddess of sweets. She looks shabby due to circumstances, but while Min-chan is swallowing saliva at her unconcealable beauty, the two end up having a drink in their own room. The atmos

Lady Elisha’s Diary of DebaucheryChapter 25.5

Her sexual desire is not inferior, but she lost her unwanted premarital chastity. What in the world, such a shame! The second chance in her life gave back her cynicism! Elisha of the noble family, As soon as she opens her eyes to the body of a young

Leave the Work to Me!Chapter 109

Buff, broad, and BIG. Despite looking like a hot hunk, Danny's always too busy dealing with poverty to enjoy life. He has to be content with a place to sleep, just enough money to get by, and frequent visits to the gym. It looks like things won't cha

Legendary Hand RawChapter 141

Jinsoo Oh, who works as a physical therapist in a small hospital, is famous for his special physical therapy. Especially, when young women receive Jinsu's physical therapy, they almost fall into addiction. After seeing the appearance, nurse Na Jung-h

Let Me DriveChapter 42

The best part of being a driver’s ed instructor is the one-night stands with my students. Until I met someone I couldn’t have and it turns out she’s my friend’s wife…

Living With a MILFChapter 125

JUN-SUK moves to the city to attend college, and what welcomed him were the breasts of her mother's friend. Living with MI-YUNG, he finds it hard to control his urges whenever he's with the mature, sexy lady.

Love Your EnemiesChapter 48

Love Your Enemies Manhwa also known as (AKA) “Love Your Enemies (Jeongyun) ; Wonsureul Saranghara ; Wonsu-reul Saranghara ; 원수를 사랑하라 ; 愛上冤家 ; 爱上冤家”. This OnGoing  was released on 2019. The story was written by Jeongyun and illustrations by

Lustful WomanChapter 12

When Jisoo, the woman next door, whom the main character Sechan has long admired, hears of the main character's death from a virgin bodhisattva at the shrine she attends, she donates her body to save Sechan's life

Long DriveChapter 27

Men, women, sticks, balls, holes. Yep, that's the game of golf. Hey, get your head out of the gutter!

Late night PC Room RawChapter 38

After moving, I started the night PC cafe Alba! The relationship with the girl next door that started there?! I can do it again next time...