Water OverflowChapter 105HOT

“Oh, crazy..!! That’s wearing or naked!?” Swimming pool Alba suddenly came to the request of an acquaintance. Byung-jin, who knew how to make her eyes stand out with the dizzying women’s swimming clothes, accidentally suffers from a major accident in

Psychic Gambler: Betting ManEpilogue - Creator's Note

What would you do if you had the power to see through objects? After using it to seduce girls, Jin-goo sets out to use it on gambling. What a good choice? Who would be able to beat someone with psychic powers? Well, things don’t go as planned as his

I Like Sports Girls!Chapter 32 - Special Story 4 (END)

A sweaty woman is a beautiful woman! Martial arts, swimming, cycling, athletics, healthy, sticky… The girls of exercise and sexy sports

TweenerChapter 85

Middle school basketball star Min Taehyun goes back to the court to win the Super Money Player tournament!

Blooming Summer Making Her Cum in Her Tight WetsuitChapter 9

She's polite and reserved, but when I see how the wetsuit clings to her flushed skin and perfectly plump bodyI can't stop thrusting!

Ice LoveChapter 70

0.4 seconds For 0.4 seconds, I've bet my life on everything to train up to this moment. For a long time, I've thought about why I couldn't beat this delinquent When I was at the lowest point in my life, an upperclassman said "You wanna know how to im

Ookii Onnanoko wa Suki desu ka?Chapter 53

Tachibana Souta is a bit of a multi-talented freeter who gets by from one part-time job to the next, his standout characteristic being that he's a bit short. One day he's roped by his older sister into 'serving' their college's volleyball team, of wh

Megami no SprinterChapter 34

Takase is almost the opposite of his brother – weak and bad at school. He recently moved in at his brother’s house, who is a married guy. He is placed under an exceptional coach to improve his physical health, and the coach – also known as ‘Venus of

Immoral Swim ClubChapter 24

A womanizing coach finds his way into an all-girls swimming club! Why do these girls let him do whatever he wants?!

The Naughty Volleyball TeamChapter 25

Joon-ho's always been intimidated by his temperamental sister, so he's not looking forward to being alone with her this summer. His dreams of living the wholesome otaku life are shattered when he joins his sister's volleyball team as the team manager

En GardeChapter 105 - The End

Yunwoo’s been facing off in tournaments with and against his best friend Mir for the past 3 years. Even though he’s got twice the experience, at the end of the day, Mir’s on the podium and he’s not. After a string of losses capped by a bad showing at

She is Working OutChapter 93

Namseok, who returned to his hometown after 10 years to operate a kendo shop. Jungbin, who I've known as a guy, turned out to be a girl! In the stamp with only the two of us, Jungbin soaked in sweat is waiting defenselessly. "Was kendo such a sexual