Omniscient Reader’s ViewpointChapter 175

‘This is a development that I know of.’ The moment he thought that, the world had been destroyed, and a new universe had unfolded. The new life of an ordinary reader begins within the world of the novel, a novel that he alone had finished.

WarbleChapter 116 - The End

Humans live in the overworld, and demons in the underworld. There is only one way for humans to travel between the worlds. Mankind’s last hope: WARBLE.

The Beginning After the EndChapter 177

King Grey has unrivaled strength, wealth, and prestige in a world governed by martial ability. However, solitude lingers closely behind those with great power. Beneath the glamorous exterior of a powerful king lurks the shell of man, devoid of purpos

His Women’s UniversityChapter 175

My dream of being in a school filled with women, is finally coming true!! But wait.. Do they really think I’m a girl?!!

Secret AllianceEpilogue - Creator's Note

Eun Sian, otherwise known as Shanshan by her good friend Hyunee, is popular with all the girls at school. Which would be great if she swung that way, but she doesn’t. It just happens that she’s terrified of men, and her mother is obsessed with protec

Just for a MeowmentSide Story 3 - The End

Orphaned at birth and bullied at work, Myohee has been through countless trials in life. But when she gets scammed by her only friend and ends up bankrupt, Myohee feels as though she’ll never find the silver lining to her cloud. She decides to end he

FFF-Class TrasheroChapter 93

Protagonist Kang Han Soo killed the demon king after 10 years of being summoned in the fantasy world. Now it’s time to be sent back to earth. What’s this? the fantasy worlds god appears along with his report card. Because he removed all the obstacles

Rooftop Sword MasterChapter 92

After being beat up and put into a coma by eight of his classmates at Nun’Gwang Middle school, Se’young woke up after nine long months and found out that his father committed suicide by self-immolation in an attempt to get justice for what happened t

High School DevilChapter 284

People know me as the High School Devil. I moved schools and changed my name to start a new life, but things keep getting in the way…

Revival ManS2 - Chapter 52

A story of an unemployed man that revives after 3 days of being dead. Follow his action-packed encounter with a large criminal organization.

ANZChapter 114

As the world searches for the next great Witch of Wind, one mysterious student wishes to be left alone at the Winfred Academy of magic.

My Cute Beast!Chapter 101

As the saying goes – never judge a book by its cover. Da-im is a lovely elementary school teacher, as well as a savage who can rip anyone apart with the fiercest comebacks. On-gyum is a florist with a heart of gold, who often gets misunderstood becau

Red VelvetChapter 80 - The End

Sena is an ex-biker gang thug with a bad temper and a knack for breaking stuff. Nadira is a brainy honor roll student with low self-esteem and a knack for staying invisible amongst a crowd. Like sandpaper on satin, the two shouldn’t mix. However, whe

How to Open a Triangular RiceballChapter 90 - Side Story

A youthful romance for those who think they are unhappy.

My Borrowed BodyChapter 50 - The End

What do you do when your body gets switched with your crush’s?! Sang-yu is a painfully shy 18-year-old who has a crush on the class president, Darim. But there’s no way she’d ever return his feelings: Darim is popular, smart, pretty…and she likes the

New Teacher in TownChapter 32 - The End

I’m the only man in this entire village?! Please leave me alone! Find out about the intriguing life of a young male teacher in a village full of women.

Forever MineChapter 73.5 - Epilogue

He will follow every command I give him. He will follow me to the ends of the earth. He is Forever Mine.

The Poem of Aster and HanaChapter 48.5 - Epilogue: Creator's Note

High schooler Hana Kim channels her pain and angst by leading a secret life as Sparrow, the live streamer! In her vids, she shares her love of poetry yet never her own face, because — let’s be honest — people are the worst, especially on the internet

Scone Sweet SconeChapter 68 - The End

Sydney runs into the boy who made fun of her weight all those years ago. Why is he being so nice after all these years?

Black Dragon RomanceChapter 96

The wealthy Black Dragon clan rules Shanghai, and their power knows no bounds. But for three ordinary young Koreans, life in the city is very different. Pyung-an, an art enthusiast, is working her dream job in a prestigious gallery. Yeo-rae, a talent

TweenerChapter 85

Middle school basketball star Min Taehyun goes back to the court to win the Super Money Player tournament!

He Loves MeEpilogue - Creator's Note

Always dreaming of a handsome prince on a white horse, Gong Jiwoo has been waiting for the day to confess her feelings to her prince Han Taejoon. However, the least expected person has got her fired up with jealousy. What will it take to make you min

Sweet Bitter LoveChapter 64 - The End

Things don’t always work the way we want them to. This is a story of how one door closes and another opens.

How to Use an AngelChapter 88

A bunch of thugs holding a demonic invocation have kidnapped Kiom to use as their sacrificial offering. Just as she’s about to be attacked, though, the wall before her crumbles, giving way to a tall, glowing figure. The newcomer is more handsome than

Unrequited LoveChapter 93

In a love game of three, at least one person is bound to end up getting hurt… but who?

Merin the MermaidChapter 43 - The End

Mermaid are mythical creatures who seduce humans with their sweet voices and beauty in order to feed on their hearts. But Dee, a mermaid, fell in love with Lewen, the prince of Erenbur. She was unable to eat his heart. Instead she loses her voice in

Romantic MarblingEpilogue

What if you could choose and get your ideal lover online?And what would you do if it actually happens? A story about a woman who gets a boyfriend online to get her ex jealous but instead, finds herself falling for that man, no matter how hard she tri

Go Away, Mr.DemonChapter 228

Silver opened a book, and now he has to deal with a hungry demon lord! Will this relationship be alright?

How to FightChapter 191

Good for nothing Hobin is always bullied by students who feel superior to him. Who he ignores because life in all is too difficult already. But by an unintentional accident turn his life around, He became famous by a viral video that he did not inten

Dubious MoonChapter 33

A cheeky office romance that erupts out of a slip of the tongue. ​Shiwon finds herself still reeling from the shock of being dumped by boyfriend number four. Her pride is on the floor from having to deal with the consistently emotionless and nitpicki

Under the Cherry BlossomsChapter 50 - Season 1 Finale

The tale of Snow White, re-invented! Learning her stepmother had been trying to kill her for the last ten years, Yi Hwa flees from the palace for her life. She desperately searches for Sa-eon, firmly believing he will help her out… But when she final

We Are (Murderers)Chapter 52 - The End

Will has the ability to see and draw out the soul and energy of human bodies. He decides to use them to further his own sick and twisted purpose.

Vows of LiesChapter 35 - The End

How would you feel if you were given the opportunity to nab the house of your dreams? Yeonju and Jihun are given that exact chance, and it seems a waste to turn it down. There’s only one catch…to get that house, they have to get married! Being staunc

Sleeping Princess and Dreaming DevilChapter 28

One day, a devil appears to a student and proposes a game. She tempts him with one wish if he wins. But if he loses, she takes his soul. He begins a dangerous game with the dreaming devil in his desperation to save his sleeping sister.

Hallym GymnasiumChapter 9
ActionMartial Arts

‘I want to be the strongest man in the world.’ Jeon Young-ha, who practiced wrong strength, enters Hallym Gymnasium, realizes his true strength, and becomes a martial artist.